Illinois LiberTEA Patriot Network

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Terms & Policies

No Anonymous Users

Your posts and information will not be public. Real names will be able to be hidden from other members in account settings. Criminals and scammers use fictitious names... Fictitious names risk removal and banning.

No Criminal Activities

Does this really need an explanation? Criminal activities will be turned into the authorities..

No Pornography

We're a family friendly coalition...


We do not share member information with 3rd parties without explicit permission to do so or via a legally valid warrant.

Cookies & Tracking

LiberTEA Network uses cookies and session tracking for membership features of this site. We do not retain any tracking information. All tracking is strictly for web site functions and security purposes. You must have javascript enabled to use this web site.

Policy & Terms Updates

Our LiberTEAnet Team is currently working on developing full terms and policies. Registered LiberTEA members will be notified of all updates.